YourParkingSpace teams up with Infinium Logistics Solutions

May 27, 2021

A new partnership between the UK’s fastest growing parking technology provider YourParkingSpace and final mile logistics provider, Infinium Logistics Solutions (ILS), is set to make available a network of urban spaces to enable the growth of parcel lockers.

Through collective reports, over the next 3 to 5 years, the parcel locker market in the UK will grow by at least 8x, taking the volumes of lockers to approximately 45,000. Parcel locker growth is driven by the continued upward trend in online shopping resulting in higher parcel volumes being delivered to customers. 

The new partnership will ultimately bring together additional income opportunities for YourParkingSpace’s clients, which includes annual hosting fees and additional incremental revenues from increased parking and retail sales. It has been proven that people collecting from parcel lockers close to retail or hospitality, also visit and spend money.

Collecting from a parcel locker is not only a convenient way to collect and return parcels for the customer, but they deliver huge benefits to the carriers, with less locations to deliver to and there are big environmental savings with fewer vehicle journeys being made resulting in less carbon emissions.

ILS are in a unique position where they can manage multiple parcel locker installations with different parcel lockers, within a single programme.

“Working with Infinium Logistics Solutions is a perfect collaboration bringing together logistics and parking with a clear focus on the customer”, states Charles Cridland, Chief Information Officer of YourParkingSpace. “We work with over 65,000 landlords across 50 cities within the UK and I know there is a strong appetite for our alternative revenue streams that will be delivered through this new partnership.”

Jonathan White Channel Director of ILS ‘Out of Home’ said “we are very excited about our new partnership with YourParkingSpace and look forward to working with many of their landlords over the months and years to come. We have developed a structured process to work with YourParkingSpace, the landlords and all of the UK locker providers to enable a clear path for both multi-locker and multi-site installations.

Prior to this new partnership, ILS and YourParkingSpace had successfully worked together on an ad-hoc arrangement for parcel locker installations and various logistics parking requirements.

For more information about this new partnership or parcel locker activity, please contact Jonathan White on 07842 118105 or

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