Transforming Car Parks into ‘Logistics Micro Hubs’ with the help of Infinium Logistics Solutions

May 19, 2020

In response to the ever-increasing rise within ecommerce, Infinium Logistics Solutions (ILS) is developing final mile ecosystems, by creating Logistics Micro Hubs within car parks.

With the significant increase in ecommerce, it is predicted that by 2030*, delivery vehicles in the top 100 cities globally will increase by 36%. Consequently, emissions from delivery traffic will increase by 32% and congestion will rise by over 21%.

To help counteract this development, Infinium has created a collaboration of global partners with thousands of parking facilities, including NCP, QPARK, Empark and Britannia Parking. Local ecosystems will be developed offering final mile solutions for B2B, B2C and D2C services, using a range of preferred logistics service hosts.

Car parking space is configured into Logistics Micro Hubs, which includes parcel delivery operations, delivery lockers, pick up drop off points (PUDOs), additional vehicle parking, EV charging points and dedicated space for business micro-hubs.

Managing Director of Infinium Logistics Solutions, Paul McCormack said, “Our partnership network has been developed through strong relationships and a collaborative approach. Infinium has developed the links between the car park operators and the logistics service providers to make final mile solutions much easier to access.”

“We are focusing on the demands of ecommerce and the changing dynamics of final mile, linked to the changing habits of consumers. By getting closer to the customer will increase speed, business efficiencies and a reduction in driving resulting in less congestion which will see falling carbon emissions.”

Delivery Lockers

The innovative solution connects people to both services and goods, offering sustainable, easy, and accessible ways for both consumers and businesses alike.

For the final mile logistics operators, there is great focus on the development of EV charging points to manage electric fleets, including smart bikes and scooters, sortation space for routes and overnight secure parking.

Mobile parcel lockers are also becoming a key part of the final mile solution. *Lockers could reduce delivery costs by 2% to 12% and, at the same time, ease congestion by 5% to 18%. Parcel shops can also considerably improve customer convenience and reduce congestion and emissions to an equal degree.

EV Charging

There has never been a time of greater demand for final mile transport. According to the World Economic Forum, demand for last mile delivery is soaring and expected to grow by 78% globally by 2030. The drivers behind this are as detailed:

ILS provides the expertise and resources to deliver outstanding ecosystems, where ‘Tech-as-a-Service’ combines space, service and technology to interconnect networks and communications for the best customer value.  

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Source: * World Economic Forum

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