Infinium Logistics Solutions and Q-Park drive forward urban logistics programme

Infinium Logistics Solutions and Q-Park Drive Forward Urban Logistics Programme

Real estate transformation specialists, Infinium Logistics Solutions (ILS), has agreed a long-term partnership to develop urban logistics services within Q-Park’s UK car park portfolio. The programme will see the creation of Hyperlocal Logistics Hubs in many of the UK cities where Q-Park operates. Each car park will have an area transformed by ILS for their […]

Post-pandemic – The changing nature of Europe’s shopping behaviours.

Post-pandemic - The Changing Nature of Europe’s Shopping Behaviours.

83% of commerce B2C and B2B decision makers reported a double-digit growth in digital revenue in 2020. In 2019, this was just 9%. Online orders for delivery saw ten years of growth in just 8 weeks. Online e-grocery skyrocketed, soaring 230% compared to pre pandemic levels. Market analysts Nielsen forecast that by 2024, 70% of […]

Automated delivery: Is the future closer than you think?

Autonomous delivery robot, Self-driving robot, Delivery drone, Business air transportation concept.

Will final mile robotics save financial and environmental costs? Despite commercial EV’s, cargo bikes and pick up, drop off (PUDO) parcel lockers becoming commonplace in our towns and cities, we could still see an increase in CO2 emissions by almost a third and increased congestion. More last mile deliveries means a bigger carbon footprint. With […]

YourParkingSpace teams up with Infinium Logistics Solutions

YourParkingSpace teams up with Infinium Logistics Solutions

A new partnership between the UK’s fastest growing parking technology provider YourParkingSpace and final mile logistics provider, Infinium Logistics Solutions (ILS), is set to make available a network of urban spaces to enable the growth of parcel lockers. Through collective reports, over the next 3 to 5 years, the parcel locker market in the UK […]

Infinium Logistics Solutions initiate multiple new locations for ByBox

Infinium Logistics Solutions Initiate Multiple New Locations for ByBox

Infinium Logistics Solutions (ILS) has helped ByBox, a global field service inventory management company with the UKs largest B2B network of secure locations, identify new locations to support their continued roll out of smart lockers. Working with the ILS network of car park operators and real estate landlords, a number of locations were identified for […]

Parcel Delivery Lockers Helping with the Challenges of B2C Final Mile Delivery

Delivery Lockers Within Car Parks

Parcel delivery lockers are popping up around the world and becoming much more visible, as many final mile carriers are using them as part of the ever-increasing rise in ecommerce retail. In the past decade, we all know that e-commerce has risen significantly. From 2014 to 2019, e-commerce sales ratios nearly tripled globally. This trend […]