Infinium Logistics Solutions

Fleet Parking Solutions

Fleet parking – single source solution across multiple operators and land owners

We work with car park operators to grow their revenues and customers to save time finding solutions for their fleet, drivers and staff.

We design and map bespoke solutions for customers to get access to car parks and other services, across multiple national and global operators: not something readily available today.

Short term parking for large volume vehicles.
Vehicle staging for up to 250 vehicles per location on short term contracts.
Large vehicle parking solutions.
Vehicle storage solutions.
All linked to EV availability.
Simple invoicing and commercials.

Parking also crosses over into our EV charging solutions, where fleets are seeking AC charge parks for now and years to come.

Talk to us if you have a location or multiple locations that we can feed into our mapping design team.

Location Benefits

Additional revenues

Short term when you have the space

Long term to secure your budgets

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