Infinium Logistics Solutions

Self Storage Operations

Our car park partners offer space to develop commercial and self-storage operations. Lockable cages or units can be assembled onsite functioning as secure storage locations. Units of various sizes are available and security protocols are integrated with the car park management systems.
  • Storage operations can be suitable for B2B operations such as spare parts logistics and field service engineers, which can also incorporate a PUDO (pick up drop off) operation.
  • Ecommerce fulfilment centres offering pick, pack and despatch, which can also incorporate a same day or instant delivery service.
  • Self-storage facilities for consumers and businesses.
This service is effectively offering available space, subject to meeting any revised site lease terms, landlord requirements and strict compliance with safety rules. Other uses could also include peak storage, capacity issues and refurbishment work, all supporting the supply chain for a variety of carriers and businesses.
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