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Let Infinium Logistics Solutions Deliver Your Parcel Locker Roll Out?

Parcel Lockers in your City or Town

Every day, new parcel lockers are being installed in Towns and Cities to help online shoppers with a safer, more convenient and secure way to collect and return their online purchases.

A parcel locker removes the need for someone to wait at home for deliveries to take place, they stop parcels being left on doorsteps and it reduces the number of parcels that are delivered to the workplace. 

Sending goods back is also a time-consuming issue. 30% of online purchases are being returned and no one likes to stand in a queue to send items back, that why lockers are one of the easiest and fastest methods to return goods.

Finally, the more parcels that are processed through lockers, fewer delivery vehicles are being used resulting in less vehicular movements and lower CO2 emissions.

Every council will be fully committed to achieving the target to be Net-Zero by 2050, to tackle the climate emergency we all face. Everyone needs to play their part to reduce carbon emissions and ensure our county is a healthier place to live. By introducing parcel lockers is certainly one way that will help.

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How do you go about getting parcel lockers installed?

There are four different parcel locker companies all working with different carriers and retailers, so you can talk to each one separately, look at the locations where lockers can be installed and then go through the process of mapping each location, surveying the sites and installing them. 

Ideally you would need to have a mixture of lockers in the area, so everyone is catered for.

If you follow this process, you may have to repeat yourself more than once, or you can consolidate it with a single solution.

The solution to install multiple lockers as a consolidated programme is with Infinium Logistics Solutions.

Infinium Logistics Solutions (ILS) are experts in final mile logistics, property and parking and create long term partnerships, which results in the delivery of sustainable, scalable and profitable solutions. ILS work with commercial fleet parking, Hyperlocal delivery centres, EV charging and parcel lockers.

We will mobilise a team to work within a geographical area or if your organisation has regional, national or global locations we will intensify your whole estate. From our initial work we will identify the parcel locker companies who would like to install lockers, together with the quantities. Following this assessment, we create a licence to occupy the space, manage the surveys, gain approvals and work with all the different stakeholders to successfully install the different lockers, which can be completed in a single or a planned phased deployment.

Once installed the council or site owners will receive an annual rental income for the lockers and depending on where the installation takes place, additional incremental income may be generated through the footfall of people using the lockers. 

Another key benefit working with ILS will be the single income statement and report. Instead of having multiple income feeds, ILS consolidates everything and makes a single payment each quarter.

ILS work with all the parcel locker companies which enables a single locker programme to be delivered at zero cashflow cost to councils or site owners.

How do we start?

To engage with ILS, just get in touch and the team will walk you through the whole process which starts with the engagement process, followed by the analysis of the locations available

Benefits of working with Infinium

  • ILS generate additional revenue for your organisation
  • ILS manage the end to end processes with multiple locker partners – so you don’t have to do this individually with each one
  • ILS manage the site surveys ourselves or work with external survey teams. We work with you to agree locations
  • We occupy the space and create a single payment each quarter with back up information
  • We continue to support you with additional revenue income generation
  • Our fees our generated through the installation of lockers so no negative effect to cashflow 

Benefits of parcel lockers

  • Annual rental income received for every parcel locker installed
  • Additional service and increased convenience to the local community (collection & returns)
  • Increased footfall to local businesses with incremental sales
  • Reduced number of delivery vehicles as multiple parcels are delivered to one location
  • Reduced CO2 emissions, less congestion and by reducing vehicle movements
  • Supporting the plan to be Net Zero by 2050
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