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Out of Home Parcel Lockers and PUDO

Our partners include InPost, ByBox, Amazon Hub, Quadient and Hermes – supporting network development for out of home delivery solutions. 

Parcel delivery lockers are becoming a feature in the community and within the workplace.

With the ever-increasing rise in ecommerce retail, final mile carriers are using parcel lockers as part of their collection and delivery process and consumers are making the shift to these friendly and convenient machines.

Infinium Logistics Solutions (ILS) are working in partnership with 5 of the largest parcel delivery locker providers in Europe, supporting them to achieve their network growth targets. Over the next three years, Amazon, InPost, Lockars and Quadient will install an estimated 40,000 parcel lockers throughout the UK to support the increasing levels of parcel delivery volumes. Parcel lockers are also increasing throughout other parts of Europe and ILS will support this development within our key areas of operation. In addition we work with ByBox for B2B services, supporting field based engineers.

If you are a landowner, landlord or a company that has access to locations that would suit parcel lockers, ILS has the ability to work with all the locker partners at the same time and lead a single programme to gain the best return. This results in a synchronised solution with a single view, single process and delivers an overall holistic approach. No need to repeat the exercise with more than one locker company. 

We help our locker partners find the best solution for locations by working with variable factors: Location, space with access by vehicle and by foot, fixing requirements, electricity, battery and bluetooth. 

PUDOs (pick up, drop off points) or Parcelshops are also becoming a must-have requirement for e-tailers who choose their logistics partners. A PUDO network offers B2B & B2C concierge services to manage incoming and outgoing packages through delivery people, directly from retailers or B2B service operations. A PUDO in a car park operation can be either multi carrier or a single operator. Click and collect from a car park “ParcelShop” and even the possibility of a drive-through service. 

Location Benefits

Annual hosting payments for each locker

Additional customer footfall

Incremental sales revenues

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