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Infinium has created a collaboration of global partners with thousands of parking facilities, including NCP, Apcoa, Secure, Q-Park, Empark and Britannia Parking. These facilities will be developed into local ecosystems offering final mile solutions for B2B, B2C and D2C services, using a range of preferred logistics service hosts.

At ILS, we help logistics service providers with the mapping and implementation of micro mobility hubs, parcel delivery lockers, pick up drop off points (PUDOs), additional vehicle parking, EV charging points, parcel delivery operations including peak planning and self-storage operations.

The ‘Technology’ is the integration of all the services [IOS] to ensure the best customer experience. For example, a car park season ‘ticket holder’ can get access to a storage facility or access a locker with the same App.

Ecargo bikes London


Dedicated areas of car parks that are sub-let to commercial operators such as delivery companies who require their own space. The central location of many car parks means this provides retailers and logistics businesses a central hub from which to operate. This can be attractive to operate EV delivery vehicles, cargo bikes, scooters and walkers. 

These areas can be fitted out to specific needs of the operator and site access to the sites can be integrated to the car park management systems to make access and egress seamless.


Retailers and carriers are developing their locker infrastructure for the collection and return of B2C / B2B packages. 

ILS help locker operators and their clients find the best solution, not just in car parks. That said, surface car parks, train stations and multi-storey car parks all have something to offer.

Parcel Lockers
NCP Hermes ParcelShop Barbican

PUDOs - Pick Up and Drop Off Points

B2B & B2C concierge services to manage incoming and outgoing packages through delivery people or directly from retailers. Customer drop off their parcels, or pick up from, locations identified by ILS.


Working with car park operators to grow parking opportunities. Ideal for company cars, leasing companies and delivery businesses. Design bespoke solutions for customers to get access to car parks and other services, across multiple national and global operators: not something readily available today.

Fleet Parking Solutions


The development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is important. Multiple charging points can be allocated. There are a variety of vehicle charging solutions, including fast chargers.

We can provide a turnkey solution for charging stations for electric vehicles which can lead to multi-year subscriptions for parking EV fleets. We can also help deploy the technology necessary to manage the customer journey. 

Pop Up - Peak or Long Term

Opportunities for delivery businesses who simply need space to dynamically sort parcels with a safe and secure dedicated or shared space. 

We often see groups of couriers or van drivers meeting as a group, away from a central delivery depot. This takes pressure off having all drivers operating from one location and reduces the need for drivers to travel to far from their delivery locations.

This service is often only required once or maybe twice a day, with the morning times being the busiest, but can be flexible to operate 24/7 with multiple waves.

Peak Pop Up


Self-storage and commercial storage operations – Lockable cages or units can be assembled on site functioning as secure storage locations. Units of various sizes are available and security protocols are integrated with the car park management systems.

Car parks have advantages over specialist self-storage facilities for two main reasons; a) car parks are often in city centre areas; b) most car parks offer longer opening hours: 85% of car parks are 24/7, whereas only 33% of storage facilities are 24/7 [source: FEDESSA].

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