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PUDOs - Pick Up and Drop Off Points

PUDOs (pick up, drop off points) or Parcelshops are becoming a must-have requirement for e-tailers who choose their logistics partners.
Consumers are demanding choice and convivence when collecting and returning goods. 

A PUDO network offers B2B & B2C concierge services to manage incoming and outgoing packages through delivery people, directly from retailers or B2B service operations. 

A PUDO in a car park operation can be either multi carrier or a single operator. Click and collect from a car park “ParcelShop” and even the possibility of a drive-through service.

Benefits of cark parks for PUDO operations:

  • Multiple facilities for network growth
  • Car parks have staffing solutions for PUDO operations (Multi-tasking)
  • Urban locations – towns, cities, and suburbs
    24/7 operations
  • Millions of customer throughput
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