Working with some of the largest global logistics providers and commercial fleet operators

We acquire sites to park and stage commercial vehicles close to delivery stations, fulfilment centres and logistics hubs.

With less parking space available at delivery stations, fulfilment centres and logistics hubs, Infinium sources and provides solutions to securely park and position delivery and heavy goods vehicles close to the operational epicentre.

  • Commercial overnight van parking
  • Van staging – vehicle management of space
  • Staff parking – vehicle swaps
  • Staff parking – shuttle buses
  • HGV parking
  • Transition to EV and other alternative fuels

Short & long term parking solutions

Infinium Logistics work with some of the largest global logistics providers and commercial fleet operators in the world and we are responsible for solving a multitude of short term and long term parking problems.

At Infinium we take each parking request and source a solution which may already be within our partner network or if not, we will seek out new sites, typically not your standard car parks and repurpose them for our clients’ needs. We understand the importance of getting your vehicles in the right place.

We can help with short term parking that is basic, through to high secure locations with perimeter fencing, CCTV, lighting, welfare facilities, technology for ingress and egress and security.

We work with Fleet Managers and Asset Owners to support the evolving needs of vehicle electrification transitions for LGV vehicles and new energy resources for HGV’s. Infinium can assist with the charging infrastructure of a small fleet through to a fully charged Infinium FleetHub, that delivers the total fleet and driver solution. FleetHubs can include overnight secure parking with AC charging and fast top up solutions with DC charging stations.

Delivering high quality site services

  • Moving beyond only location identification
  • Offering a deeper understanding of your requirements to enable:
    • Targeted site sourcing
      Optimised site preparation and delivery
    • High quality welfare services
    • Delivered to final mile parcel carriers or fleet owners specifications
    • Managed services on fuel, water, cleaning and site audits

Madrid – 240 Logistics Parking

Full project management and repurposing of land within a 3-minute drive (1.6km) from the delivery station

Infinium Logistics received a client request to source parking for 240 final mile delivery vehicles close to a logistics centre in Madrid.

Infinium acquired 6,000 square metres of land and repurposed the site with a new surface, perimeter fencing, security gate and client specific markings.