Parcel Delivery Lockers Helping with the Challenges of B2C Final Mile Delivery

June 26, 2020

Parcel delivery lockers are popping up around the world and becoming much more visible, as many final mile carriers are using them as part of the ever-increasing rise in ecommerce retail.

In the past decade, we all know that e-commerce has risen significantly. From 2014 to 2019, e-commerce sales ratios nearly tripled globally. This trend has been driven by a widening range of products that can be purchased online and the entry of new digital platforms and models. In addition, we continue to see technological advancements in the delivery cycles that allow for more instant and time-definite delivery.

With the significant increase in ecommerce, it is predicted that by 2030, delivery vehicles in the world’s top 100 cities will increase by 36%. Consequently, emissions from delivery traffic will increase by 32% and congestion will rise by over 21%.

At Infinium Logistics Solutions, we connect global partners of real estate (predominately car park operators) to final mile service providers. Parcel delivery lockers is seen as a key part of the final mile solution for the local ecosystem and car parks are ideal for their placement allowing carriers and retailers to get closer to the customer. 

According to the World Economic Forum, parcel lockers could reduce delivery costs by 2% to 12% and, at the same time, ease congestion by 5% to 18%.

There have been many different iterations of the parcel delivery locker since they were first created.

Deutsche Post introduced their Packstation in 2001, which allowed for the self-service collection of parcels at any time. In Germany customers selected their Packstation address when placing online orders, creating a need for online retailers to use the services of Deutsche Post. 

Now Deutsche Post DHL Group plans significant expansion of its DHL Packstation network to 7,000 self-service machines by 2021. That is an increase of 3,000 additional locations. Today more than twelve million registered customers use the 4,000 DHL Packstations.

DHL Packstation

In Poland in 2006, where 2/3 of online shoppers used lockers, InPost was established.  InPost started rolling out their end-to-end parcel lockers a few years later and now reports expansion plans to have 6,000 locations within a few years.

Recently it was announced that Lidl has installed click & collect lockers at 24 UK stores, with more expected to follow. Early feedback showed 44% of people using the lockers at Lidl were also shopping at the discounter while they were there. 

InPost Lockers

Hermes has also seen their outdoor locker footprint increase from 450 to 831. The lockers, operated in partnership with InPost, are in a variety of safe and secure outdoor locations around the UK and are open 24/7 hours, enabling people to access them during quiet times without the need for personal interaction.

Earlier this month the Swedish logistics tech company Instabox announced that the company is expanding its smart parcel lockers to two new markets within the Nordic region. After a successful financing round earlier in April of €36 million, Instabox plans to make their same-day delivery service available by placing hundreds of new smart parcel lockers across the neighbouring countries, Denmark and Norway, this year.

UPS has launched a parcel locker system called Access Point. The UPS Access Points are now available at more than 800 Michaels stores across the US.

Quadient also announced that it has now installed 10,000 parcel locker stations worldwide. In 2019, Quadient acquired Parcel Pending, a leader in the U.S. parcel locker market.

More advanced technology has been developed using robotics. Coop Estonia, the first grocery store chain launched the Cleveron 501 grocery robot

The grocery robot is capable of storing fast-moving consumer goods and frozen food, is being tested on the outskirts of Tallinn.

Cleveron 501

Our car parking partners have space to ideally place lockers in suitable areas. We welcome the opportunity to have conversations with service providers and carriers alike who are looking to expand their locker operation in secure, 24/7 premises that are used by millions of customers every day.

Get in touch by visiting our contact section of our website. 

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