Infinium welcomes Absolutely to its London Canary Wharf Hyperlocal Logistics Hub

May 19, 2022

Absolutely Canary Wharf Infinium Logistics

Infinium Logistics is pleased to announce that Absolutely, The London Courier since 1865, has become the latest customer to take space at its Canary Wharf Hyperlocal logistics hub.

Based in London and already benefiting from Infinium Logistics’ infrastructure, the sameday courier company has taken 2,000 sq. ft in Canary Wharf for its expanding fleet of zero-emission, electric-assisted Cargo Bikes.

Like Infinium Logistics and its other forward-thinking clients, Absolutely is committed to setting its business up for long-term success and sustainability. The Canary Wharf hub is its fifth London base and provides a great location for its electric-assisted, two and four-wheeled Cargo Bikes, which can carry up to 8 archive boxes (150kg), and 25 archive boxes, respectively.

All Infinium Logistics’ hubs are multi-functional and situated in urban areas within clean air and congestion charge zones, enabling companies to provide first and last-mile same-day, fulfilment, as well as overnight delivery services, without the emissions, congestion charges, or damage to the environment traditionally associated with the industry.


Stuart Godman, CEO at Absolutely commented: “Our new eco-friendly, London East Micro-Hub is now serving the thriving business community in and around Canary Wharf, providing the perfect set up for us to maximise our carbon-neutral deliveries in the area. As a company that has been operating in London since 1865 , we completely understand the impact of rising carbon emissions on our streets and that is why we made the strategic decision to start investing in an eco-friendly fleet of electric Cargo Bikes at the end of 2017. As these vehicles, by definition, produce zero emissions, they are the ideal solution for delivering items in the cleanest and most efficient way across London, including the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).”

Canary Wharf Hub

Amarjit Pall, Channel Director for Hyperlocal Hubs at Infinium Logistics said: “We are delighted that Absolutely Courier has set up operations within our Canary Wharf hub. They continue to seek new, innovative ways to improve their sustainable practices and focus on making London a greener city, which are common goals that we share. Providing the real estate and associated infrastructure as a turnkey solution to companies like Absolutely is a key enabler to see fewer diesel vans and trucks and more e-cargo bikes on the streets. The hubs are also used as micro consolidation centres, which will reduce the number of vehicle journeys.”

Infinium Logistics sources, builds, and equips its hubs with all the necessary infrastructure, including electric charging points, offering a turnkey solution for clients who are looking to deliver their services in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way, coupled with greater flexibility and faster response times. With zero emissions, the benefits of new technology, and their proximity to customers, Hyperlocal Logistics Hubs are ideal.

The LGA (Local Government Association) recently commissioned Dr Daniela Paddeu of the Centre for Transport and Society, University of the West of England, to carry out independent research into the role of local authorities in co-designing and implementing sustainable local freight solutions for the ‘last mile’ of parcel deliveries. One of the most impactful solutions identified was micro-consolidation to allow e-cargo bikes to deliver of goods within the last-mile. Benefits include significant reduction in traffic congestion and local freight decarbonisation, especially if combined with (micro) consolidation schemes and specific traffic and access restrictions to LGV’s.

As well as Canary Wharf, Infinium Logistics’ growing base of London hubs includes those in Wapping Lane – East London, Tower Bridge, Leicester Square, Croydon, while in continental Europe, it currently operates sites in Barcelona, Paris and Luxembourg City.

Working with local authorities and private car park owners to repurpose space that is no longer in demand, offering solutions to environmental concerns, congestion charging, better public transport, car-sharing, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on commutes.

Please get in touch for more information about our Hyperlocal Logistics Hubs or any of our other sustainable solutions: we would love to hear from you.

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