Infinium Logistics hires Chris Curry as Head of EV and Energy

February 1, 2023

Infinium Logistics, the European asset management and logistics solutions business, announces that it has hired Chris Curry as Head of EV and Energy, supporting its mission to lead the commercial transport sector through the energy transition.

Chris joins Infinium Logistics from Bryt Energy, a zero carbon, renewable electricity supplier within the Statkraft group, Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy, where he was Head of Energy Transition. An expert in energy transition technologies and power markets, he also previously held roles at British Renewables, Forward Utility and Omnio Energy.

As Head of EV and Energy, Chris is responsible for developing and delivering Infinium’s overall energy and EV charging strategy, including power connectivity, storage and generation, and technology and product development.

Having launched the world’s first dedicated EV fleet-charging real estate fund, Infinium Logistics is a sector leader in combining commercial real estate and sustainable energy infrastructure to respond to the future of logistics, driving efficiencies and superior working environments. It is looking to support the transportation and logistics industry as it embraces major disruption – helping to drive innovation, reshape the industrial real estate composition, and address the severe global shortage of secure parking and zero-emission vehicle infrastructure.

The transition from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles (EV) is the largest single shift to ever impact the fleet and mobility industry. While the commercial market has lagged the consumer market to date – with the global light commercial vehicle (LCV) market share at about 2%, about a quarter of that for passenger cars – sales of LCVs are now picking up pace, expanding by 70% worldwide in 2021 alone. And, operating more intensively and along more predictable routes, the economic case for electrifying commercial fleets is far stronger. Vans, busses, and trucks constitute 13.5% of the 40 million plus vehicles on the UK roads and yet contribute 27% of greenhouse gas emissions. Empowering businesses to transition their fleets will have a disproportionately positive impact on our air quality and environment.

In the UK and Europe, the looming 2030 cut off for ICE vehicles and a growing proliferation of low emission zones mean that the transition of the fleet sector is non-negotiable. The bigger challenges are around the creaking power network and limited infrastructure in place – an area in which Infinium Logistics is looking to bring solutions to its customers.

Commercial EV Charging and Parking

Phil Bayliss, CEO of Europe, Infinium Logistics, commented: “I’m delighted Chris has joined Infinium Logistics to lead our EV and energy strategy. His deep understanding of the sector and passion for decarbonising energy is a natural fit for our business. As we all move together towards the 2030 deadline, the transport sector’s transition to cleaner renewable energy sources is non-negotiable. Infinium Logistics is uniquely placed to lead the market in developing institutional grade property and technology backed solutions and advise clients on bespoke transition strategies that give them a commercial edge and make a decarbonised future ‘mission-possible’.”

Chris Curry, Head of EV and Energy, Infinium Logistics, said: “It was clear from the first minute that Infinium Logistics and its investors have a unique vision for this space – not wanting to iterate, but to build the future, embracing the energy transition and the opportunities that it will continue to create.

“Infinium Logistics recognises the challenges facing both businesses and the energy system in transitioning to zero carbon fleets and wants to place itself firmly at that apex to create the solutions. The work begins now to deliver a smart, interconnected portfolio of commercial charging assets, sustainably powered and working in harmony with the energy system.

“I’m equally humbled and excited to be working in a such a talented team, and fortunate to be backed by investors showing accountability in delivering net-zero.”

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