Urban Logistics Hubs - The infrastructure to operate and grow within the first and final mile logistics sector.

Infinium Logistics sources, builds, and equips its hyperlocal logistics hubs with all the necessary infrastructure, including electric charging points, offering a turnkey solution for clients who are looking to deliver their services in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way, coupled with greater flexibility and faster response times. With zero emissions, the benefits of new technology, and their proximity to customers, Hyperlocal Logistics Hub are ideal.

  • Our Hyperlocal Logistics hubs are multi-functional and situated in urban areas including ultra-low emission and clean air zones. 
  • Hyperlocal Logistics hubs offer cargo-bike parking and charging, e-bike and mobility charging, Dark Stores (e-fulfillment operations) and first/last mile exchange points.
  • Each hub can be agnostic – shared multi user or client-specific and are designed to get you closer to your customers, giving them greater flexibility and making your deliveries greener and more profitable.
  • We also help find the right locations for our clients and can offer temporary solutions when additional resources are needed.

Hyperlocal logistics hubs situated in key urban locations and designed to support cargo bikes and e-mobility, enabling dark stores and e-commerce fulfilment

Working with local authorities and private car park owners to repurpose space that is no longer in demand, offering solutions to environmental concerns, congestion charging, better public transport, car-sharing, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on commutes. 

Scope of works for a new hub

  • Site repurposing
  • Design of interior units around different client use cases
  • Electrics, security requirements and welfare considerations
  • Planning consents and permitting
  • Flexible terms

Infinium Hubs Now Available

Are you looking for a space to run your Hyperlocal Logistics?

We can offer you the infrastructure to operate and grow within the first and final mile logistics sector. 

Our turnkey solutions have been designed to support different uses including: Cargo Bike park and charging, Dark Store operations for e-grocery and ecommerce fulfilment and Space for managing Parcel Exchanges.

Each hub can be shared or multi user or client-specific and designed to get you closer to your customers.

Our portfolio of live hubs is growing rapidly. If there is another location you are interested, do get in touch and we will see how we can help as we have many more in development.

“Since April 2021 alone, when we acquired our first set of EAVs, we have reduced carbon emissions by 2.39 CO2 Tonnes. By the end of 2022 we will have saved over 41 CO2 Tonnes. Thanks to the service that Infinium provides, we have managed to set up operations in Canary Wharf to help grow our client offering. Its important for us and our drivers to operate from a safe and secure environment that also provides driver welfare and network communications to run the operation efficiently”
Max Miah
Senior Fleet Specialist Laundyheap
“Ryde has been increasingly developing its fleet of cargo bikes. We believe that 51 per cent of all motorised trips to deliver goods could be moved onto cargo bikes. This would have a monumental impact on the future of hyper-local delivery, and it is something that we at Ryde are strongly behind as we build out both our own cargo bike fleet and ongoing partnerships with leading companies, such as Infinium Logistics”
Duncan Mitchell
Co Founder Ryde

Decarbonising, electrifying and optimising

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