Free Report – What will parking look like In a post COVID world?

July 6, 2021

Infinium Logistics Solutions (ILS) has contributed to a new report which has been published by one of our strategic partners Flowbird. The new report, which is free to download, draws on the experience of local authorities and parking innovators. It shares insight on how to navigate the coming disruption from changes in demographics, behaviour, and sustainability goals, and maximise opportunities from parking space in the post-COVID world.

Over the past year, Flowbird has worked with councils to access changes to parking and payment data, as well as talking to technology providers to understand changing usage patterns. Through this, Flowbird identified three key opportunities, and the associated challenges for local authorities to maximise opportunities from parking space. The opportunities include, managing digitalisation, using parking to encourage EV adoption and finding alternative uses for under-utilised spaces.

Last mile logistics was quoted as an opportunity for local councils with Paul McCormack, ILS Managing Director stating that, “these vast logistical operations need hubs to manage local distribution and places to park and charge fleets of increasingly electric vehicles.” Car parks are the perfect place for such hubs according to the report, with opportunities for nested overnight spaces for electric fleet charging, replacing empty spaces with lockers, and even converting empty car parks into e-fulfilment sites.

Furthermore, the report identifies that deploying EV charging into parking spaces was the top issue for many councils, adding the big challenge was balancing investment now with demand for the future. Bringing together EV charging with existing payment and enforcement is going to be key.

Download your free copy by clicking the button below. 

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