For Local Authorities

We know the pressures that local authorities, councils, and municipalities are under to improve air quality, reduce emissions, improve congestion problems, and meet carbon net-zero goals.

Our business models help deliver a better service to customers while reducing carbon footprint and meeting corporate social responsibility pledges and targets. 

Infinium Logistics’ solutions help reduce emissions in urban centres, particularly in ultra-low emission and clean air zones, helping local authorities to optimise their opportunities.

We provide infrastructure to allow logistics companies to get closer to their customers, reducing journey requirements and times and emissions. 

We support businesses with the transition to electric vehicles, making it simpler and more cost-effective for logistics companies and commercial fleet owners to do so.

We take unused and underutilized sites and make them work for the community, not against.

We manage the geographical mapping and implementation of multiple parcel lockers within an area, working with the main locker companies to deliver a single joined up programme.

We want to create greener, cleaner urban centres with improved air quality and reduced noise pollution to support the quality of future generations lives 

 We support the logistics market in creating a better environment for their employees, promoting staff wellbeing and retention, and optimising output 

We help logistics businesses get closer to their customers by increasing delivery speed and service, while reducing cost per shipment and carbon per shipment