If you are looking for a trusted partner to help advise on and search for what you need to maximise your returns, Infinium Logistics can help.

At Infinium, we offer a full-service solution and work with private landlords, property companies, private businesses, and public sector organisations. Our partnership network is based on strong relationships and a collaborative approach.

We work with many organisations in the final mile delivery sector and work on multiple projects such as commercial vehicle parking and  EV transition plans. We create logistics hubs in urban areas for cargo-bike parking and charging, e-bike and mobility charging, Dark Stores (e-fulfillment operations) and first/last mile exchange points. In addition, we use space to grow the out of home networks which include the installation of multiple parcel lockers.

If you have land or property that you would like to discuss with us, please get in touch. We can look at your portfolio and give you the advice and resources to maximise its potential.

Do you have real estate that is sitting empty or underutilized?

Do you want to rebalance your property portfolio?

Can we introduce you to new revenue streams?


Working with some of the largest global logistics providers and fleet operators in the world and responsible for solving a multitude of short term and long term parking problems including staff cars, delivery vehicles and HGV's


Implementing multi parcel locker and PUDO projects for clients by working in partnership with the largest parcel delivery locker providers in Europe, supporting them to achieve their network growth targets


The infrastructure to operate and grow within the first and final mile logistics sector. Our turnkey solution for Cargo Bike park and charge and Dark Stores for e-grocery and ecommerce fulfilment


Combining commercial real estate and Electric Vehicle infrastructure in order to: drive efficiencies, create a better working environment for last mile delivery service providers and combat climate change

We find ways to unlock value and work towards a better environment for us all. We are with you on the journey to reaching your sustainable development goals.