Providing the real estate, energy infrastructure and technology to support a greener, smarter and better future of fleet management

Infinium FleetHubs combine commercial real estate and EV infrastructure to drive efficiencies and create a better working environment.

We work with Fleet Managers and Asset Owners to support the evolving needs of vehicle electrification transitions.

FleetHubs provide the infrastructure to park and charge any fleet size overnight and daytime solutions for rapid-charging top ups.

Our prime area of concentration is the creation of a new sustainability-focused asset class, which combines commercial real estate and Electric Vehicle infrastructure in order to: drive efficiencies, create a better working environment for last mile delivery service providers and combat climate change.

FleetHubs help with the evolving needs of electric vehicle transitions for LGVs and new energy resources for HGVs.

FleetHubs offer a turnkey solution with IT integration giving you a smart end-to-end process.  FleetHubs help our clients achieve their sustainable development targets.

Are FleetHubs the answer to your EV transition?

Banbury Amazon FleetHub

Decarbonising, electrifying and optimising

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