Chester Le Street Cricket Club Receives an Alternative Revenue Stream For Hosting a Parcel Locker

May 25, 2021

Typically, Infinium Logistics Solutions (ILS) work with car park operators, parking management companies and other real estate landlords to intensify and repurpose under utilised assets for urban logistics. 

Our ‘Out of Home’ channel, which includes parcel lockers, has been creative when it comes to finding locations to support the growth of our locker partners network. 

Last month we had an urgent request to source a location to place a business to business locker in Chester Le Street, County Durham. Our Business Development Manager, Gary Morris did all the normal checks using our location database, which includes thousands of car parks, transport hubs, hotels and other property types, but he couldn’t find a solution that would take the size of the locker bank or within the time required. Determined not to be beaten, Gary turned to the local cricket club and received a very warm welcome, thanks to the annual hosting revenue on offer. 

“The installation of the parcel locker is such an innovative way for our club to raise additional funds”, said Keith Moffat, Commercial Director at Chester Le Street Cricket Club. “Fundraising through sponsorships is really important and vital for the sustainability of clubs like ours, especially over the past 12 months! It is a great idea – the entire club is delighted with our new locker and we are very grateful for this great idea.” 

According to the recent announcements, over the next 3 to 5 years parcel lockers located in the UK will increase from the current 6,500 to 45,000, as ecommerce continues to rise. 

“Following so much financial uncertainty last year, Infinium Logistics Solutions is proud to be able to help organisations diversify and find new ways to fundraise.”, states Jonathan White, Channel Director at ILS. “We are keen to hear from anyone looking to raise additional funds that could meet the criteria of accommodating a parcel locker/s.” 

By accommodating a parcel locker, fundraisers will receive a generous annual hosting incentive just by having the locker on-site. In addition, if located within a retail environment, the organisation will also benefit from significant incremental revenue from consumers as they access the secure and convenient way to collect and return parcels. The statistics speak for themselves – it is reported that 50% of consumers those who use a parcel locker will enter the shop where the locker is hosted, of which, 86% will go on to make a purchase.

Parcels lockers are not only a way to raise additional funds they are also very convenient to the consumer, a way to generate new customer footfall and they also play a substantial role in reducing the amount of delivery vehicles on the road, reducing carbon emissions and urban pollution.

To find out more about hosting a parcel locker contact us by completing the short form on our contact page or email

What’s the criteria for hosting a parcel locker?

  • Access – A location with 24/7 access by the general public collecting or returning parcels (may also be business professionals for some of the UK leading service organisations).
  • Space – We can place lockers that are less than 1 metre wide using battery power, through to 8 metres using a local power source. In some locations we may also look to install multiple locker types. We work with 5 locker partners.
  • Surface – Ideally the location should have a flat, hard surface to place the lockers. Groundworks can be arranged with concrete bases if commercially viable.
  • Geographical locations – Parcel lockers deliver the best benefits within Cities and large Towns. The locker companies all have different goals, so get in touch and if your area isn’t part of the installation plan today, it won’t be long when it will be!

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