Ad-Moto delighted with space at Infinium Logistics’ Wapping Hub

August 3, 2022

Infinium Logistics’ Hyperlocal Hub in Wapping recently onboarded Ad-Moto as a new client; now Ad-Moto’s Co-founder Paul Baber reflects on the benefits of working with Infinium and choosing such a strategically important location.

Hyperlocal Hub London Ad-Moto

Ad-Moto is an innovative Ad-tech and logistics business that offers brands highly-customisable digital advertising opportunities using electric scooters operated by fleets and couriers. It is also a leader in improving working conditions for gig economy workers, by enabling better pay, rider training and safety standards.
While its geo-fenced digital advertising capabilities and brand new, properly-insured and well-maintained electric scooters sets Ad-Moto apart from its competitors, it also requires a safe and secure hub location, on flexible terms, from which to operate and charge batteries.

Paul Baber was finding it very challenging to identify the perfect space, close to where they needed to be in central London. Space was either out of reach, lacking in security features, offered no charging infrastructure or required a long-term commitment.

“We were moving into our operational phase very quickly”, said Paul. “Our bikes had been delivered and we needed a base for our operations that was safe, secure and convenient for our riders, and we needed it fast. We didn’t have the time for a drawn-out process involving commercial estate agents and lawyers. We also didn’t have the capital available to spend on space that was either too big for our operation or would commit us for too long. We had to figure out installing charging infrastructure and security measures ourselves. We basically needed to move in and be able to start operating and generate revenue from day one, without having to think too much about making space work for us.”

Paul learned about Infinium’s Hyperlocal Hubs from Infinium Logistics Channel Director Amarjit Pall: “With our attention squarely focused on launching our service and bringing in business, the thought of searching for a suitable space was daunting, but I was relieved to hear Amarjit had an ideal site ready for us to occupy immediately!”

After learning about Ad-Moto’s situation, Infinium proposed a tailored solution that would provide a secure space to store 10 electric courier bikes and cargo boxes, the infrastructure to charge and swap out batteries, a place for riders to meet, undertake training and receive rider briefings.

Hyperlocal Logistics Hubs

Located in a multi-storey car park in Wapping, East London, a short ride from central London’s high footfall areas and close to where many of Ad-Moto’s riders live, the hyperlocal team provided Paul with a turnkey solution. This package included a private compound with security fencing and gated access, CCTV, installed power points for battery charging, 24/7 access and available on flexible terms. Paul said, “I was hesitant at first, but Infinium showed me that under-utilised spaces in car parks make ideal logistics hubs for businesses like ours. They are accessible, dry and secure, plus a major benefit was that Infinium would manage all of the work to prepare the space for us. It didn’t take us long to make a decision.”

Infinium Business Support Manager Ed Cox was able to successfully onboard Ad-Moto within a couple of days, joining several other logistics businesses based in the Wapping Hyperlocal Hub.

Since arriving at the hub in May this year, the new space has provided the Ad-Moto team a platform to launch their highly successful ‘All Star Marketing Campaigns’ in central London whilst providing riders, many of which live in high rise buildings nearby, a safe space to leave and charge their bikes. Since moving in, Ad-Moto has travelled over 6,000 emission free miles playing a part in creating a cleaner, greener and safer city. The team has also generated 12 new jobs for local people whilst they plan on creating a further 600 before the end of the year.

“In the Infinium Logistics hub, riders are able to instantly swap their depleted batteries for fully charged ones using one of our ‘vending-machine’ style charging and replacement points ‘MOTO-CHARGE. Now, we can be sure that we can get close to where our customers want to be seen and near where our riders live. We have ambitious plans to expand in London and in other cities around the UK. The Hyperlocal hubs allow us to do this much faster and easier than any other way. It’s a win-win!”

Ad-Moto Team Infinium Hub

Infinium Logistics sources, builds, and equips its hubs with all the necessary infrastructure, including electric charging points, offering a turnkey solution for clients who are looking to deliver their services in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way, coupled with greater flexibility and faster response times. With zero emissions, the benefits of new technology, and proximity to customers, Hyperlocal Logistics Hubs are ideal.

For more information about space with Infinium Logistics, please contact the team using our contact page.

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