About Us

Infinium Logistics is a European asset management and solutions business leading the rapid energy transition of commercial transport.

Our mission is to lead the world’s transition to sustainable energy through the development and operation of large-scale EV charging infrastructure powered by renewable energy.

Responding to the challenges of rising ecommerce, climate change and the geopolitical energy crisis, we are investing hundreds of millions across Europe to accelerate the decarbonisation of transport.  Striving to be the architects of a cleaner, greener mobility future, we are helping to reshape the industrial estate composition and address the severe global shortage of secure parking and clean fuel areas. As part of this Infinium invests in FleetHubs, a new sustainability-focused asset class which combines commercial real estate and low carbon energy infrastructure, to create the next generation of parking and charging assets which drive the lowest price and lowest carbon electricity solution for global fleets.

We help global logistics providers and fleet operators to solve a multitude of parking and fulfilment problems. As well as transitioning entire fleets to EV quickly and painlessly to drive down costs and maximise efficiencies, putting the right infrastructure in place, it also includes satisfying peak demand and supporting alternative delivery and collection models.

As a market leader in ESG and with a focus on innovation, our range of parking, fulfilment and technology-enabled solutions allow our customers to reach theirs faster, in a cleaner, greener, more efficient way.

World’s first dedicated EV fleet charging real estate fund, oversubscribed by investors, with £500m firepower

Team of over 30 professionals who draw on deep sector experience across the logistics, car parking and property investment markets 

Headquartered in London and with a strong network of professionals across Europe, the business operates in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy

Infinium’s principal business strategies currently include:

FleetHubs – providing the energy infrastructure, embedded technology and positive working environments, to support the greener and smarter future of fleet management

Parking – systems and sites for staff, delivery vehicles and HGVs close to delivery stations, fulfilment centres and logistics hubs

EV transition – sourcing sites and infrastructure, and embedding route optimisation software and new technologies that integrate seamlessly to a charging and grazing network

Our Journey

Infinium was founded in December 2019, initially with an aim to drive efficiencies in the last mile delivery sector. Since then, the business has rapidly expanded and evolved.  Establishing its asset and funds management platform, as well as its property and energy capabilities, it has broadened its mission to lead the energy transition of commercial transport. 

  • In 2020, Infinium secured its first master service agreement with a major global logistics operator to park light goods vehicles close to delivery centres. 
  • In 2021, Infinium parked 7,163 vehicles across 74 European sites and established its real estate arm. 
  • In 2022, Infinium launched its first property investment fund alongide GreenPoint Partners with £500m firepower. Representing the world’s first dedicated EV fleet charging real estate fund, it invests in FleetHubs – a new sustainability-focused asset class which combines real estate and low carbon energy infrastructure to drive efficiencies and lower costs. Its first major investment was in Swindon.
  • In 2023, Infinium has acquired four new sites for its EV fleet charging real estate fund.  These investments include assets in Banbury, Heathrow, Sheffield and Surrey, and have been acquired for a total consideration of c.£70m.  We also secured an additional £5 million in growth capital, concluded a strategic review and appointed Andy Martin as our Chairman.

Our Vision

Leading the Energy Transition and Optimisation of Fleets, we are helping to decarbonise and transform the global delivery space.

  1. We want to create greener, cleaner urban centres with improved air quality and reduced noise pollution to support the quality of future generations lives. 
  2. We are disrupting and revolutionising the sector – reducing hydrocarbons to respond to global challenges of the rising e-commerce sector, climate change and geopolitical energy threats.
  3. We help logistics businesses get closer to their customers by increasing delivery speed and service, while reducing cost per shipment and carbon per shipment.

Sir David Attenborough

“The future of humanity and indeed, all life on earth, now depends on us.”