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Final Mile Solutions
Helping you get closer to the customer with the help of our network of global parking operators
Connecting Solutions
Infinium Logistics Solutions (ILS) connects car park operators and final-mile service providers
Design, Deploy and Deliver
We design and develop customer solutions for now and the future
Intensify Parking Space
We help car park operators optimise their assets and increase their revenues.
EV Parking and Charging
Turnkey solutions for charging stations for all electric vehicles.

Infinium Logistics Solutions (ILS) has access to a vast amount of space within thousands of car parking locations to support final-mile service providers and self-storage operators!

Our vision is to create long term global partnerships resulting in the delivery of sustainable, scalable and profitable solutions for all.


For our clients, our mission lies in finding revenue opportunities for car park operators, car park management companies and organisations that have their own car parks or vacant space. Our results deliver additional income streams for the services we implement, plus incremental revenue through increased footfall.

For our logistics partners, we help them get closer to their customers by connecting our client locations, spaces and  services. The results deliver, improved business efficiencies, reduced driving, less congestion and falling carbon emissions through sustainable solutions.


Our partnership network is based on strong relationships and a collaborative approach

Micro Logistics Hubs

Dedicated areas of car parks that are sub-let to commercial operators such as delivery companies who require their own space.​​

Parcel Delivery Lockers

Retailers and carriers are developing their locker infrastructure for the collection and return of B2C / B2B packages.​​

PUDO - Pick Up Drop Off

B2B & B2C concierge services to manage incoming and outgoing packages through delivery people or directly from retailers. ​

Fleet Parking Solutions

Dedicated areas of car parks that are sub-let to commercial operators such as delivery companies who require their own space.​

EV Parking Solutions

The development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is important. Multiple charging points can be allocated. ​

Pop Up Solutions

Opportunities for delivery businesses who simply need space to dynamically sort parcels, without the need to secure dedicated space.​

Dynamic Self Storage

Commercial storage operations – Lockable cages or units can be assembled on site functioning as secure storage locations.​​

Self Storage Operations

Dedicated areas of car parks that are sub-let to self-storage companies looking to grow their portfolio. From 3,000 to 25,000 square feet.​
Infinium Logistics Solutions

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Our Mission

infinity, infinite, repeating
To design and develop global sustainable logistics solutions for our customers, predominantly by repurposing commercial space into ‘local hubs’.
We have a culture of innovation. We develop new ideas using new methods; advanced and original.
Customer Focus
The value of customer focus drives us to deliver on time, on budget and to the highest standards.
We have concern for the environment and are committed to sustainable development of our clients and our business.
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