Our mission is to leave our planet better than we joined it.

We are leading the rapid energy transition of transport by Decarbonising, Electrifying and Optimising fleets.

Our range of next generation real estate, energy and technology-enabled solutions allow our customer to reach their customers faster, and in a cleaner, greener, more efficient way. 
Responding to the combined challenges of climate change, the geopolitical energy crisis and the severe global shortage of secure parking and clean fuel areas, Infinium Logistics is a global asset management and solutions business leading the EV transition of transport. It achieves this by investing in the reshaping real estate, technology and infrastructure to back the future of fleets.  

Infinium is navigating the world out of the ICE age into a brighter, greener EV era.” 


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 EV fleet charging real estate platform to create the next generation of parking and charging assets that drive the lowest price and carbon electricity solution for global fleets

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Team of 30-plus professionals who draw on deep sector experience across the property investment, energy, logistics, and car parking markets 

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Headquartered in London, the business operates across 6 Countries with continued growth in Europe

Our range of solutions support the sustainability goals of various organisations, addressing immediate and longer term problems and challenges.

Supporting the energy transition of fleets ahead of the 2030 European ICE ban – avoiding fragmented journeys and providing cost savings and efficiencies

Combining commercial real estate, electric vehicle infrastructure and other alternative fuels: to drive efficiencies and create a better working environment.

Solving short and long term parking problems for car, van and HGV fleets, providing dedicated and shared locations as well as fuel transition strategies.

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Operating globally, we have a strong team of professionals working across the UK, continental Europe.

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Our range of solutions support the sustainability goals of various organisations within logistics, commercial fleets, landlords and local authorities. 

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InfiniumLogistics work with some of the largest global logistics providers and commercial fleet operators in the world and we are responsible for solving a multitude of short term and long term parking problems.

We acquire sites to park and stage commercial vehicles close to delivery stations, fulfilment centres and logistics hubs. 

At Infinium we take each parking request and source a solution which may already be within our partner network or if not, we will seek out new sites, typically not your standard car parks and repurpose them for our clients’ needs. We understand the importance of getting your vehicles in the right place.

We can help with short term parking that is basic, through to high secure locations with perimeter fencing, CCTV, lighting, welfare facilities, technology for ingress and egress and security.

We work with Fleet Managers and Asset Owners to support the evolving needs of vehicle electrification transitions for LGV vehicles and new energy resources for HGV’s. Infinium can assist with the charging infrastructure of a small fleet through to a fully charged Infinium FleetHub, that delivers the total fleet and driver solution. FleetHubs can include overnight secure parking with AC charging and fast top up solutions with DC charging stations.

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While our main focus is within the last mile, we take a holistic approach and provide solutions throughout the supply chain. We work on solutions that include the first mile, middle mile, warehousing, and technology enablers.

In logistics we look at all parts of the journey. Whether it’s staff parking for fleet drivers unable to charge vehicles at home or consolidating journeys at exchange points to reduce vehicle movements, we can help. We are increasingly finding solutions in the world of automation, robotics, and drones.

We work with real estate owners to increase their portfolio value or income levels. Our extensive network and strong relationships help us broker the deals our clients need.

We help local authorities ensure that land and opportunities in their local communities are optimised for income, use, and meeting sustainable development goals.
We work with companies, landlords, investors, and local authorities to give them the solutions they need to make their business more profitable while reducing emissions.

We help you reach your sustainable development targets to make the world a better place.

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Our HyperLocal Logistics hubs are multi-functional and situated in urban areas including ultra-low emission and clean air zones. As the 15-minute city starts to become a reality our hubs provide the solutions you need.

HyperLocal Logistics hubs offer cargo-bike parking and charging, e-bike and mobility charging, Dark Stores (e-fulfillment operations) and first/last mile exchange points.

Each hub can be agnostic – shared multi user or client-specific and are designed to get you closer to your customers, giving them greater flexibility and making your deliveries greener and more profitable.

We also help find the right locations for our clients and can offer temporary solutions when additional resources are needed.

If you have or need for space that is not being utilised to its full potential, why not speak to us? HyperLocal hubs offer a solution that helps reduce both congestion and carbon emissions at the same time.

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Our OutofHome service for parcel lockers and pick-up drop-off (PUDO) points, provide locations where single or multiple parcel lockers can be installed.

With the unprecedented growth in e-commerce sales the increasing volumes of parcels being delivered and returned is a trend that is set to continue.

Excitingly, the use of parcel lockers has been shown to reduce emissions by at least 20.5% and InPost estimates that using one parcel locker saves approximately 14 tonnes of CO² per year. That’s the equivalent of planting 2,000 trees!

Parcel lockers and PUDOs reduce the number of delivery points needed and save on failed delivery attempts, reducing carbon emissions and driver time on the road.

Infinium work with clients, especially those within the Property Development & Real Estate, Local Authorities, Leisure & Hospitality and Parking sectors to install parcel lockers across multiple locations, creating the scale and density that both the networks and consumers need. We also work with ByBox the Global B2B locker company who has many clients with field service engineers that use lockers on a daily basis to manage their spare parts inventory.

If you have spaces that could be used for parcel lockers or PUDO points, why not get in touch? 

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InfiniumLogistics has a Sister company called InfiniumProperties who’s prime area of concentration is the creation of a new sustainability-focused asset class, which combines commercial real estate and Electric Vehicle infrastructure in order to: drive efficiencies, create a better working environment for last mile delivery service providers and combat climate change.

FleetHubs provide the infrastructure to park and charge any fleet size overnight and daytime solutions for rapid-charging top ups.

FleetHubs help with the evolving needs of electric vehicle transitions for LGVs and new energy resources for HGVs.

FleetHubs offer a turnkey solution with IT integration giving you a smart end-to-end process. They provide the opportunity to incorporate parcel lockers, pick-up drop-off (PUDO) networks, and operational welfare facilities including food and beverage solutions. FleetHubs help our clients achieve their sustainable development targets.

Are FleetHubs the answer to your EV transition?

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